Turning Inspiration into a Concept Shoot | Fashion Photography

If you’ve ever been inspired, then you know the get-up-and-go attitude you get when you’re hit with it. For a creative person, and especially fashion photographers, it’s one of the most valuable assets they have available to them, giving them the idea and the passion to turn it into reality. Let’s say you already have that inspiration, and you’re trying to figure out how to craft and mold it into something more tangible. It’s a tough spot to be in, and hey, I’ve been there too. Here are a few ways that help me conceptualize my inspiration. 
I know, looking up images and content about your inspired topic seems like it’d kill your passion, but it’s really the fuel that makes the fire grow larger. If your idea revolves around a specific palette, for example, look up what feeling each color evokes. Just by researching for as little as a half hour will end up giving you many more ideas, like poses you hadn’t thought of how to sharpen your palette, and leave you with a better and more tangible concept. The more time you spend in research, the better you understand your own ideas!
This is definitely one of the most important steps on the road to creating the perfect shot, but I think its meaning has gotten watered down. Visualizing, for me at least, has little to do with meditating on what’s in your head, and more to do with using physical representations of your idea. Which is why I like to use sketches or collages to help me formulate my idea into something just as real. While researching, collect images to piece into a mood board, so you have something you can look at anytime to sharpen your concept. Do whatever works best for you, but don’t keep it all in your head. In such a distracting and inspiring world, it can be hard to keep your idea in focus. Keeping it physical will ground it into reality.
They say the devil’s in the details, but really all the best things are found there. In the creative process, thinking through the details will help solidify your idea. Especially the unexciting details, like whether you’re shooting in the studio, or how many models you’ll use will keep your mind on topic. The real magic happens in the creative details, though, and that’s what will really make your photo unique. Maybe it’s a color splash here, or a perfectly placed frill on a dress – the point is that it’s unmistakably yours. Adding your own personal touches will change the idea that inspired you into something that will serve to inspire someone else.
Creating an incredible shot or session will make for an amazing cycle, where your inspiration impassions someone else, and their work in turn inspires you all over again. Before long, you’re creating a whole inspirational community, all from your photo. It all starts with an idea, but it’s up to you make it into something truly amazing. I can’t wait to draw my next inspiration from you!
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