Make A Difference | Camden M. | Birdville High School

Camden is  completes our “Make A Difference” Campaign for 2014.  I feel it’s important to give back in some way, however small it may be….I really think if we all make small positive actions they will add up to amazing miracles. I love that not only can I do this, but I can help facilitate “my girls” to do the same and hopefully inspire each of you to as well.


The details:

Each of the remaining months of 2014, one senior will be featured and also the charity of their choice.  For every comment (one per person) for the entire month – in this case, from December 1st, 2014 – December 31st, 2014, I will donate $1 (up to $250) to that specific charity. AUTUMN-LOUISE-PHOTOGRAPHY-MANSFIELD-SENIOR-PHOTOGRAPHER-PORTRAITS-PICTURES-SAILING-NAUTICAL-LAKE-GRAPEVINE-BIRDVILLE-HANNA4HOPE0

Camden is a junior at Birdville High School and this is her feature…..

College Hopeful?   OU

What were you thinking about majoring in?   Anesthesiologist

Are you into any hobbies?   Softball

What is your FAVE senior memory, so far?  Football Games!

How would you describe your personality?  Outgoing and friendly

What is your favorite book or magazine?   Heaven is For Real

What is your favorite singer/band?  Chris Young

What is your latest favorite movie?  Safe Haven

What are your favorite classes in school?   Algebra

What is the name of the charity that you would like to feature?  Hanna4Hope

Why did you choose this charity?  I dated this guy for a while and we are still fiends, but this foundation has gone so far and there are so many people involved. He lost his cousin due to suicide so it’s really just like a fundraiser to help people who are thinking about committing suicide.



(Taken from their website)

Hanna4Hope actively organizes teen committees and clubs at public and private schools. Committees and clubs, led by school officials, meet monthly to focus on the many challenges faced by young people. These challenges include bullying, dating, taking tests, adverse family environments, and stresses related to college, among many others.

Donation Info

Or mail donations to: Hanna 4 Hope Inc. – 610 Price Drive Rockwall, TX 75087

You can follow them on Facebook and on Instagram @ Hanna4Hope

So be sure to leave a comment so we can “Make A Difference”!!!  🙂





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