Five Ways to Prepare for Your Senior Session

Your senior session is a day you look forward to, often from the moment you start your freshman year! It’s a marker of the hard work you’ve invested, a celebration of all your accomplishments, and of course, a special memento to share with friends and family. However, what most seniors don’t realize is that lack of planning or communication can make this amazing day more of a stress-fest than a dream come true! Here are five ways you can prepare, so that your session lives up to all your expectations…and beyond!

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  1. Communicate with your photographer: I try to make myself very available for every client who books with me! I also make sure that you have all the information before your shoot, and I hope that you feel able to come to me with any questions you may have. Whether you are wondering about your wardrobe, or the products you want to order afterward, I am here!
  2. Search for your wardrobe early: It’s really never too early to begin looking for certain pieces you may want for your senior shoot: the perfect heels, a great pair of jeans, or a pretty blouse just may end up being a highlight of your ensemble. A good tip is to keep your receipts and write down the return window for anything you are on the fence about, in case you change your mind.
  3. Fine-tune your outfits and undergarments: Of course your outer items are the most important, but undergarments make a big difference in the way your clothing hangs and photographs. We recommend acquiring some basics (for you ladies), like a strapless or nude color bra, and a slip for any dresses. Then, try on your full outfits with shoes and accessories, and walk around in them in front of a light source so you can tell if they are sheer and where you may see a bra strap or a dreaded panty line! If things are slightly too long or too tight/loose, find a great tailor who can fit them properly.
  4. Prep your skin and hair: Don’t make any drastic changes to your hair before your session (such as a major color change, or very drastic cut), instead try a big change several months beforehand, so you have time to change it or grow your hair out before your shoot. Take great care of your skin by avoiding intense sunlight and tanning beds, and use a nighttime moisturizer to get that glowing look!
  5. Ask what you’ll need on the day of: Usually, most photographers have a list of emergency items that they recommend such as safety pins, lip gloss, combs, clothes steamer, etc., and they can guide you through the things you will be responsible for. I am happy to give you a short list of things to bring on the day of your shoot!

With these five tips, you can set out on the day of your senior session, feeling confident and ready to make your day the one you’ve dreamed of! Contact us today to schedule your shoot!

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